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IWRESTLEDABEARONCE have completed their upcoming record and they seem pretty psyched about what they accomplished. Hooray positivity! However, their name is still ridiculous and needs to be changed.

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I can't sit here and honestly say I'm all that excited about a new IWRESTLEDABEARONCE record. At the very least I'll check out the singles just to confirm my less-than-excited nature as something I should be feeling, but maybe I'm wrong. They seem pretty excited about what they've done with the new music, and I've been known to fall victim to the hype machine quite easily. Damn you, kind words! According to Blabbermouth's publication, guitarist Stephen Bradley said about the upcoming release:

I've 100% NEVER been this excited about an IWRESTLEDABEARONCE album, because it feels like we've finally reigned in 'our sound' even further and really hit a stride in terms of songwriting. We've always admired bands like Deftones, Cynic, Thrice, Glassjaw, Mr. Bungle, Dredg, Cephalic Carnage, The Mars Volta, etc., because they've never made the same album twice, and aren't scared to keep evolving while still maintaining their signature styles. Obviously I'd never compare us to the greatness of those bands, but, in keeping with that mentality, we've progressed a bit more and put together our best collection of songs so far.

Bradley then went on to say about the record's writing and musicality:

The heavy parts are heavier and more interesting, the choruses are stronger, and the 'weird twists' that people have come to expect in our music are way more thought-out than in the past and definitely hit harder than ever. Long story short — we're very excited about getting this album finished and released, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

So… I guess I'm kind of excited now.

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