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IRON MAIDEN To Reissue Everything They Did In The 1980s On Vinyl

Music, drugs, haircuts… everything.

Music, drugs, haircuts... everything.

Iron Maiden undeniably have made a lot of music, basically all of it great. So now, courtesy of BMG / Ingrooves Music Group, we'll get to buy literally everything the band did from the 1980s on vinyl (in a few separate installments)!

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I mean everything too- this isn't just their main discography that's getting reissued. This includes all the singles and 7" records of the era as well, which is pretty cool! Doubly so if some of these songs o the 7" records are harder to find now. This screams "hardcore fan," essentially, and would totally make an excellent Christmas gift. Or Halloween gift, because Eddie looks like he'd be more into Halloween than Christmas.

The full line-up of all the releases are below, with the dates they'll be released.

October 14th, 2014:


“Iron Maiden“
“The Number Of The Beast“

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“Running Free” b/w “Burning Ambition“
“Sanctuary” b/w “Drifter” (Live) and “I’ve Got The Fire” (Live)
“Women In Uniform” b/w “Invasion“
“Twilight Zone“/”Wrathchild” double A side
“Purgatory” b/w “Genghis Khan“
“Run To The Hills” b/w “Total Eclipse“
“The Number Of The Beast” b/w “Remember Tomorrow” (Live)

October 28th, 2014:


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“Piece Of Mind“
“Live After Death“


“Flight Of Icarus” b/w “I’ve Got The Fire“
“The Trooper” b/w “Cross-Eyed Mary“
“2 Minutes To Midnight” b/w “Rainbow’s Gold“
“Aces High” b/w “King Of Twilight“
“Running Free” (Live) b/w “Sanctuary” (Live)
“Run To The Hills” (Live) b/w “Phantom Of The Opera” (Live)

November 25th, 2014:

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“Somewhere In Time“
“Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son“


“Wasted Years” b/w “Reach Out“
“Stranger In A Strange Land” b/w “That Girl“
“Can I Play With Madness” b/w “Black Bart Blues“
“The Evil That Men Do” b/w “Prowler ’88“
“The Clairvoyant” b/w “The Prisoner” (Live)
“Infinite Dreams” (Live) b/w “Killers” (Live)

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