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Everything You Need To Know About The 24 Record EMPEROR Box Set

Plus one 7"! Just in case the 24 LPs weren't doing it for you.

Plus one 7"! Just in case the 24 LPs weren't doing it for you.

Blood Music is that label from Finland that put out the supermassive Moonsorrow LP box set last year… and guess what? He's done it again! Though this time it's Emperor and it's 24 LPs alongside an additional 7", making it the largest vinyl box set in metal ever release. What you're seeing above is an exclusive mockup given to us by the label itself.

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That's the ultra clear version, of which there will be 222 made (667 of all editions total). Pre-orders go up on December 9 and here's what you're getting for the €700 price tag (that'll make sense in about a second). These are in order of the roman numerals on the front of each of the vinyl.

  • I: Wrath of the Tyrant LP ['final version' that was released by Candlelight but with sound more akin to the original cassette/LP pressing].
  • II: Rehearsal 1992 LP [full rehearsal version of Wrath of the Tyrant, first official pressing]
  • III: Emperor LP
  • IV: The Akkerhaugen Tapes LP [6 tracks of pre-Nightside rehearsal stuff]
  • V: In the Nightside Eclipse 2xLP [comes from the first pressing, which the band calls the most official audio, it was later remastered but the band preferred the quieter original]
  • VI: As the Shadows Rise 7" [first time on 7" since original pressing]
  • VII: Reverence LP [first time on 12" since original pressing]
  • VIII: Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk 2xLP [original British release (8 songs only)]
  • IX: IX Equilibrium 2xLP [original release (no bonus tracks)]
  • X: Emperial Live Ceremony 2xLP
  • XI: Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire and Demise 2xLP
  • XII: Live Inferno 3xLP
  • XIII: Live at Wacken: 2006 3xLP
  • XIV: Bonus Tracks 3xLP

Bonus tracks, you say? What might this entail? Well, I will tell you, hypothetical reader I just made up. On these 3 LPs will be…

  • LP 1: contains all four Emperor songs from Thorns vs. Emperor (no Thorns songs, just the Emperor ones).
  • LP 2: contains songs of Emperor covering other bands. 7 of them to be precise (Bathory x 2, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Mercyful Fate, Darkthrone, Mayhem).
  • LP 3: contains alternative versions of tracks not on the original albums.
    • Alternate ORIGINAL Wrath of the Tyrant intro track.
    • Re-recording of "Moon Over Kara-Shehr" with Hellhammer on drums.
    • Remix of "Lord of the Storms."
    • Remastered versions of "In Longing Spirit" and "Opus A Satana" that appeared on later releases of Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk.
    • Early live version of the "Loss and Curse of Reverence" which appeared onAnthems to the Welkin at Dusk re-releases.
    • Remix of "Sworn" by Ulver.
    • Outro from Wrath of the Tyrant that was on an early picture disc pressing.

Then there's XV, which is a hardcover book with foil-stamped cover, containing a long essay by Dayal Petterson and hundreds of never-before-seen photos. The box will also have an Emperor slipmat, three posters, a reproduction of the original Wrath of the Tyrant cassette originally self-released by the band, a never-before-seen reproduction of the typed out lyrics sheet by Mortiis for "Wrath of the Tyrant," hand-autographed by the band, and a reproduction of the hand-written original "Inno a Satana" lyrics. The lyrics sheets and cassettes will only be for people who order in 2015.

Keep an eye out on the label's Facebook for more information before the pre-order on December 9! Seriously, if you're a big Emperor fan, this is it- this is literally everything you could ever possibly want from the band and then some. Prepare to fanboy until you're sore!

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