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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From ROTTING CHRIST, AVANTASIA, and More Out Today – 2/15

This edition includes cameo-filled power metal, mid-tempo death metal, mid-tempo black metal, and other-things-to-hyphenate. To-the-metals…

This edition includes cameo-filled power metal, mid-tempo death metal, mid-tempo black metal, and other-things-to-hyphenate. To-the-metals…

Aftermath – There Is Something Wrong
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Genre: Technical thrash
Origin: Chicago, Illinois
Label: Zoid

Twenty-five years after their debut, Aftermath have returned for another record of wild thrash. This certainly has what you'd expect from a thrash album on the surface, but the twists and turns this album takes are very interesting. I feel like this band could've been massive in their field if they came around a few years earlier the first time and stuck around. Oh well, better late than never to get this going.


Avantasia – Moonglow

Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
Origin: Mainz, Germany
Label: Nuclear Blast

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I love how often a power metal album becomes cameo filled and showcases vocalists from a bunch of different bands. This album has appearances from Geoff Tate, Michael Kiske of Helloween, Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian, and many more. The album winds up diversifying because of this, and it's nice.


Diabolical – Eclipse

Genre: Death/black metal
Origin: Sundsvall, Sweden
Label: Indie Recordings

If you're looking for some mid-tempo death metal with some frills tossed, this is your band this week. This band has some blackened aura to their sound, but there's some almost Tyr-level epicness mixed in as well. It's also a little proggy, which I'm all about. Going to give this a deep dive.

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Herod – Sombre Dessein

Genre: Progressive Sludge
Origin: Vevey, Switzerland
Label: Pelagic

Here's some slow heaviness for your week. Herod are signed to Robin Staps' of The Ocean Collective's label, which is building a hell of a roster, but definitely has some Ocean vibes to it. That's not a bad thing at all.


Rotting Christ – The Heretic
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Genre: Melodic black metal
Origin: Athens, Greece
Label: Season Of Mist

Over thirty years into the band, and they've still got it. This is some epic, evil shit right here. Diabolical would pair nicely with this album, so if you're into blackened metal, this is a pretty solid week for you. However, Rotting Christ strike me as a band that may have lost fans for evolving their sound to this point. Long-time fans, how is this treating you?


Skraeckoedlan – Eorþe 
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Genre: Psychedelic Stoner
Origin: Norrköping, Sweden
Label: Fuzzorama Records

I'm ending with a record that is both very good and very weird. The album trailer below showcases big riffs and fuzziness, however this is not a straight up stoner album at all. They band deviates and gets into weird indie like territory throughout and the juxtaposition is pretty fantastic. This was a surprisingly refreshing gem this week.


Also dropping today…

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Backstabber – Conspiracy Theorist (Self-Release) – Thrash/death metal
Black Therapy – Echoes Of Dying Memories (Black Lion Records) – Melodic death metal
Crystal Lake – Helix (SharpTone) – Metalcore
Endon – Boy Meets Girl (Thrill Jockey) – Noise
Endorphins Lost – Seclusions (The Head of Zeus) – Hardcore/Powerviolence
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – In The House Of Strange Affairs (Sleazebox) – Industrial
Rossi + Rickard – We Talk Too Much (earMUSIC) – Rock
Snake Tongue – No Escape No Excuse (The Sign Records) – Hardcore/metal
Sordide – Hier Déjà Mort (Throatruiner) – Black metal
Trauma – As the World Dies (Pure Steel) – Power/speed metal
Volcano – The Island (Tee Pee Records) – Psychedelic
Un/Coltsblood – Split (Self-released) – Doom
Wardehns – Now Cometh the Foul (Self-Released) – Sludge/crust

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