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Weekly Injection


This week is a slower week, but it still brings us some pretty solid new albums. This edition includes Sweden's biggest punching bags, a whole bunch of doom, and more! To the metals…

Crimson Shadows – Kings Among Men81wEB4nZkKL._SL1500_

Genre: Extreme power metal
Origin: Toronto, Canada
Label: Napalm

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This band is kind of fantastic. They are the musical crossroads of Amon AmarthChildren of Bodom, and DragonForce. If you're a fan of any of those three, you really should listen to the included track and look into these guys. They're epic, heavy, melodic, and full of technical moments from every musician involved.


Godhunter / Secrets of the Sky – Ghosts Split GHOSTSwebcoverLP_original

Genre: Sludge
Origin: Tuscon, Arizona/Oakland, California
Label: The Compound

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A little over a year ago I gushed about Secrets of the Skyso I was excited to see their name pop up again sooner than expected. This time they've teamed up with some Arizona sludge fellows and dropped a split that is the exact blend you'd expect from this mash-up of these doomy bands. This is a great jumping off point for either band, but I can't recommend digging deeper enough.


In Flames – Siren Charms A1woIOxHS7L._SL1500_

Genre: Melodic metal
Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden
Label: Sony/RED

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Rob called it "Gothenberg easy listening," and that's not entirely inaccurate. The band has slowly been migrating more and more towards melody for the last decade, so I'm not sure why anyone is surprised. If you've enjoyed anything since Come Clarity, you'll probably be fine with this overall. Stream it here and check out Jeremy's full review here.


Megaton Leviathan – Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell 929

Genre: Doom/noise
Origin: Portland, Oregon
Label: Seventh Rule

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With a name like "Megaton Leviathan," one expects the heaviest band on fucking earth. While this band carries some weight, they are actually more ambient than crushing. Part 21 is a beautiful album to just let lost in. A great late night introspective soundtrack.


The Sabbathian – Ritual Rites293701_167520810056081_979254318_n

Genre: Heavy metal
Origin: North Carolina/Norway
Label: Svart

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Why not keep our doom theme going with this international trio of Black Sabbath fans? These folks nailed the recording aesthetic of their heroes and were able to blend in some other doom influences to present a band that is more than a female-fronted Sabbath copycat. I hope to hear more from this band, as this EP just isn't enough.


Also dropping today…

Autumn's Dawn – Gone (Eisenwald)
Cries of the Captive – Imperialist Re-Release (Imminence)
Crucified – Dead of Sleep (Get This Right)
Digitalife – Nemesis (Imminence)
Funereus – Return of the Old Goat (Forever Plagued)
Hod – Book of the Worm (Arctic)
Lonely Kamel – S–t City (Napalm)
The Order of Israfel – Wisdom (Napalm)
Phobia – Grindcore EP (Deep Six)
Pord – Wild (Solar Flare)
Project Arcadia – A Time of Changes (Nightmare)
A Sound of Thunder – The Lesser Key of Solomon (Mad Neptune)
Steak – Slab City (Napalm)
Striker – City Of Gold (Napalm)

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