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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From CROSSES, KRIEG & More Out Today 10/13

Plus releases from Deathchant, The Lion's Daughter, Mondo Generator, Oni, and Twin Temple


This week's new heavy metal releases include some metal adjacent stuff, black metal, and more! To the metals…

Crosses (†††)- Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete.

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From CROSSES, KRIEG & More Out Today 10/13

Genre: Dream pop/art rock
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Label: Warner Music

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Starting this week with some sleek, dreamy, and sexy jams from Chino Moreno (Deftones) and Shaun Lopez (Far). The duo's first album in nine years is full of beeps, boops, washes of sound, and emotion. This also has a wild assortment of guests like El-P (Run The Jewels), Robert Smith (The Cure), and more.

Deathchant – Thrones

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From CROSSES, KRIEG & More Out Today 10/13

Genre: Doom/heavy metal
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Label: RidingEasy Records

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I feel like bands like Deathchant release albums all year, but this sound hits especially well in the Halloween season. Thrones is a record of classic heavy metal riffs, haunting echoey vocals, and stellar song writing. This sounds like if someone mashed up Motörhead and Judas Priest, convinced them to slow things down a bit, and turned their reverb way up. Shit's rad.

Krieg – Ruiner

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From CROSSES, KRIEG & More Out Today 10/13

Genre: Black metal
Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Label: Profound Lore

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Speaking of Halloween season bands… Krieg's latest doesn't surprise, but it doesn't disappoint. This is shrieking vocals over high speed metal with plenty of evil to be had. The dude on the cover would make a good costume. Does Spirit Halloween have a mask of thorns though?

The Lion's Daughter – Bath House

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From CROSSES, KRIEG & More Out Today 10/13

Genre: Experimental/progressive metal
Origin: St Louis, Missouri
Label: Self-released

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Some of my favorite weirdos are back with some rather esoteric heaviness. Like all their records, this one is hard to pin down. What I've heard so far includes thrash, industrial, synth metal, and more. And that was just a handful of singles.

Mondo Generator – We Stand Against You

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From CROSSES, KRIEG & More Out Today 10/13

Genre: Punk/stoner
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds

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Nick Oliveri and his gang are back with some smoky punk rock. There are tons of riffs and plenty of energy here. It's a fun record, but it also tackles loss and other personal stuff for Nick.

Oni – The Silver Line

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From CROSSES, KRIEG & More Out Today 10/13

Genre: Progressive metal
Origin: Ontario, Canada
Label: Self-released

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The rather prolific and incredibly connected Oni is already back after last year's Loathing Light with more djenty, prog metal jams. This is catchy as hell and will get your head bobbing. Guests this time include Howard Jones (Light The Torch, ex-Killswitch Engage), Michael Lessard (The Contortionist), Jared Dines, and more.

Twin Temple – God Is Dead

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From CROSSES, KRIEG & More Out Today 10/13

Genre: Doo wop
Origin: California
Label: Pentagrammaton

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Wrapping this week with something fun, because no one seems to stop any of my nonsense. Twin Temple's doo wop with Satanic lyrics feels like a bit, but it's a fun one. The very old school song-writing and production is comforting. Show this one to your grandparents and see if they notice the lyrical content.

Also dropping this week…

  • A Mourning StarA Reminder Of The Wound Unhealed (DAZE) – Metalcore/melodic death metal
  • Amorphis – Queen Of Time (Live At Tavastia 2021) (Atomic Fire) – Melodic death metal
  • The Answer Lies In The Black Void Thou Shalt (Burning World Records) – Atmospheric doom
  • Arabrot – Of Darkness And Light (Pelagic) – Folk rock
  • Arborescence Of WrathInferno (Transcending Obscurity Records) – Brutal death metal
  • As The Sun FallsWhere The Silence Reigns (Self-released) – Melodic death metal
  • Ronnie Atkins – Trinity (Frontiers) – Hard rock
  • Beartooth – The Surface (Red Bull) – Metalcore/hard rock
  • Beastwars Tyranny of Distance (Self-Released) – Sludge/progressive
  • Blessed Curse – Pray For Armageddon (M-Theory) – Thrash
  • Blood Lightning – Blood Lightning (Ripple) – Hard rock
  • Body Void – Atrocity Machine (Prosthetic) – Sludge/doom
  • Catafalque – Dybbuk (Code666) – Doom/drone
  • Creeper – Sanguivore (Spinefarm) – Horror punk/gothic rock
  • Detachment Lack (Self-released) – Metalcore
  • The Dollyrots – Night Owls (Wicked Cool) – Punk
  • Dopelord – Songs for Satan (Blues Funeral Recordings) – Stoner/doom
  • Edge Of Forever – Ritual (Frontiers) – Melodic hard rock
  • False Fed Let Them Eat Fake (Neurot Recordings) – Post-punk
  • Félonie De Sève et de Sang (Aural Music/Code666) – Black metal
  • Fortid – Narkissos (Lupus Lounge) – Folk/black metal
  • Free Throw – Lessons That We Swear To Keep (Self-released) – Emo
  • Hooveriii – Pointe (Levitation) – Psychedelic rock
  • Kings Crown – Closer To The Truth (Frontiers) – hard rock
  • Kaunis Kuolematon – Mielenvalta (Noble Demon) – melodic death metal/doom
  • Laster – Andermans Mijne (Prophecy) – Avant-garde/atmospheric black metal
  • Malformed – The Gathering Of Souls EP (Extremely Rotten) – Death metal
  • The Menzingers – Some Of It Was True (Epitaph) – Punk rock
  • Milliseconds – So This Is How It Happens (Spartan) – Alternative rock
  • Modern TechnologyConditions Of Worth (Human Worth) – Sludge
  • Mors SubitaOrigin Of Fire (Out Of Line Music) – Melodic death metal
  • Ohmwork In Hindsight (Rob Mule Records) – Stoner/doom
  • On Thorns I Lay – On Thorns I Lay (Season Of Mist) – Death metal/doom
  • Private MindThe Truth You See (Triple B Records) – Hardcore
  • Pynuka – Not In The Sense We Did Something Wrong (Translation Loss) – Atmospheric/experimental
  • Restless Spirit – Afterimage (Magnetic Eye) – Heavy metal/doom
  • Sadistic ForceMidnight Assassin (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) – Black/speed metal
  • Eric Sardinas – Midnight Junction (earMusic) – Blues rock
  • Sahg – Live Demons EP (Drakkar) – Hard rock/doom
  • Signal Aout 42Ex-Voto (Out of Line Music) – Industrial/ebm
  • Sour TimesAwaken The Voiceless (Self-released) – Extreme metal
  • State Of DeceitStalked By Daemons (Eclipse Records) – metalcore/thrash
  • The Struts – Pretty Vicious (Big Machine) – Rock
  • Suicide PuppetsBeyond The Veil (M&O Music) – Nu/groove metal
  • Thetan Grand Ole Agony (Anti-Corporate Music) – Grindcore/hardcore
  • Ural – Psychoverse (Xtreem) – Thrash
  • Vanishing Kids – Miracle Of Death (Aural) – Doom/psychedelic
  • Varg Ewige Wacht (Napalm Records) – Folk metal
  • VCTMS Vol. V The Hurt Collection (Self-released) – Metalcore
  • Venera – Venera (Self-released) – Post-hardcore
  • The Vintage Caravan – The Monuments Tour (Live) (Napalm) – Progressive rock/stoner
  • Michael Voss – Rockers Rollin' (A Tribute To Rick Parfitt) (Massacre) – Rock
  • The Voynich Code – Insomnia (Unique Leader) – Technical deathcoore
  • Hannah Wicklund – The Prize (Self-released) – Rock

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