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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From CASUALTIES OF COOL, CASTLE, and More Out Today – 5/20

This week's WEEKLY INJECTION is a little light but has some heavy hitters including awesome doom, epicness, Hevy Devy with a bit of twang, and more. To the metals…

Casualties of Cool – Casualties of CoolCasualties_of_Cool
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Genre: Country/New Age
Origin: Vancouver, Canada
Label: HevyDevy Records

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Not a metal album. Also, it dropped on iTunes on Friday while those who pledged have had it for a week (but, we're getting the bonus disc today!). There, I said all that for you. Now, let me talk about this without gushing too much. This album is supposed to be Devin Townsend's country album, and it has quite a bit of that in it. However, the modern definition of "Country" may hurt those suspicious of this. It has a few songs that are Johnny Cash-like while others are lie something somewhere in between is DTP albums Ki and Ghost. If you enjoyed Ghost or "Trainfire" from Ki, you'll dig this. This is clearly a Townsend affair even though it isn't heavy and most vocals are done by Ché Aimee Dorval. Love it.


Castle – Under Siege 81S4vug0pJL._SL1500_
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Genre: Doom
Origin: San Francisco, California
Label: Prosthetic

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This band is one of my favorite female-fronted doom bands, perhaps among my favorite female-fronted bands overall, actually. They basically sound like Black Sabbath with a much different vocal approach. This is hands-down their best album. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM (In an Invader Zim voice).


Comet Control – Comet Control a3359664177_10
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Genre: Psychedelic
Origin: Toronto, Canada
Label: Tee Pee

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This is a pretty sweet band. It features former members of Quest for Fire, which is a band I'm not familiar with, but if they're anything like the band it spawned, they'd be worth hearing. They play stoner-ish rock that is really spacey. Great music to put on and get get lost in while you read or something (get baked).


Timo Tolkki's Avalon – Angels Of The Apocalypse 91bSzUi5vjL._SL1500_
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Genre: Power Metal
Origin: Helsinki, Finland
Label: Frontiers

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Timo Tolkki is a pretty big name in the power metal scene (as the ex-guitarist of Stratovarius might be), and clearly has quite a bit of pull. His second Alvalon album is basically an all-star epic metal record. It features guest vocalists from Virgin SteeleCircle II CircleEpicaNightwish and more. As expected, it is epic and shredy throughout.


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Also dropping today…

Aggravator – Populace Destructor (Mulligore)
Blood and Sun – White Storms Fall (Pesanta Urfolk)
Brutal Blues – Brutal Blues (Selfmadegod)
California Breed – California Breed (Frontiers)
Drapsnatt – Hymner Till Undergangen (Nordvis)
Embrace of Disharmony – Humananke (My Kingdom)
Gravecrusher – Morbid Black Oath EP (Xtreem)
Hades Archer/Slaughtbbath – Circus of Abominations/Antichristos Thanatos Split (Iron Bonehead)
Infernal Curse – The End Upon Us EP (Iron Bonehead)
Infirmary / Aetherium Mors – Split (Bindrune / Eihwaz)
Konkeror – The Abysmal Horizons (Lacerated Enemy)
Landskap – I (Iron Bonehead)
Meliah Rage – Warrior (Metal on Metal)
Mordbrand – Imago (Deathgasm)
Mortalicum – Tears From the Grave (Metal on Metal)
Outrage – We The Dead (Metal on Metal)
Rob Zombie – The Zombie Horror Picture Show DVD (Universal)
Rubicon Cross – Rubicon Cross (Ingrooves)
Tusmorke – Riset Bak Speilet (Svart)
Various Artists – Seattle Noise: Volume 1 (AVR/Good to Die)
Verberis – Vastitas (Iron Bonehead)
Witches Of Doom – Obey (Sliptrick)

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