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Weekly Injection


This edition contains some pretty rad black metal, some rad stoner rock, and more that's also rad! To the metals…

Black Anvil – As Was 71-llc6jiel-_sl1200_

Genre: Thrash/black metal
Origin: New York, New York
Label: Relapse

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Starting this week swinging with some melodic black metal. If you are one of the many still mourning the loss of Agalloch, this record can help you through is rough time. It's equal parts evil and beautiful. Is it too early to predict an end of the year contender?


Code Orange – Forever 71yd54l2adl-_sl1200_

Genre: Metalcore
Origin: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Label: Roadrunner

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These kids are further proving that they've grown up on Forever. The band traverses a more mature version of metalcore and hardcore than many of their peers. Their third album may be their most aggressive, and frankly, best yet.


Grave Digger – Healed By Metal 61pd1wxfmtl

Genre: Heavy metal
Origin: Gladbeck, Germany
Label: Napalm

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Is your back aching? Is chronic pain making life difficult? If so, look no further than the eighteenth record from these long running German metal legends. Upon a complete listen, your ailment with be Healed By Metal. (Warning: seek a doctor for any, and all actual medical issues. Do not seek medical attention from a compact disc, a vinyl record, an mp3, or any other music format. If you do and it works….nice)


Lo-Pan – In Tensions EP61l0tmb6ael-_ss500

Genre: Stoner
Origin: Columbus, Ohio
Label: Aqualamb

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This EP is really good. Reminds me a lot of Torche, but if Torche dialed back the fuzz a little bit. It's a shame this is only an EP though. Especially since it's been three years since their last record. More please sirs.


Pain Of Salvation – In The Passing Light Of Day 71vdhfq2-ll-_sl1500_

Genre: Progressive
Origin: Eskilstuna, Sweden
Label: Inside Out

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If the rest of this week is too upbeat and positive for you, then In The Passing Light of Day is for you. It's part sad-guy prog rock and part artsy experimental weirdness. I personally can get down with both of those categories. The band's tenth album has a lot going on in it, so my fellow prog nerds should be stoked.


Sepultura – Machine Messiah 81vhjtmw8fl-_sl1200_

Genre: Groove metal
Origin: São Paulo, Brazil
Label: Nuclear Blast

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At this point Sepultura albums are pretty constantly made of a few ideas. The are records of insanely heavy grooves, percussion that normally wouldn't be in a metal album, and a complete lack of Cavaleras. The first two ideas are on-point as usual, so fans will have plenty to head bang to.


Also dropping today..

Accept – Restless and Live DVD/CD (Nuclear Blast) – Heavy metal
Condenados – The Tree Of Death (Shadow Kingdom) – Doom
Draugsol – Volaoa Land (Signal Rex) – Black metal
The Drip – The Haunting Fear Of Inevitability (Relapse) – Grindcore
Evenline – In Tenebris (Dooweet Agency) – Alt metal
Laster – Ons Vrije Fatum (Dunkelheit) – Atmospheric black metal
Thyrane – Black Harmony Reissue (Woodcut) – Blackened industrial metl
White Light Cemetery – Careful What You Wish For (Ripple) – Southern rock/metal

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