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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From ROB ZOMBIE, PUPIL SLICER, and More Out Today 3/12

Plus releases from Stortregn, Gizmachi, Eyehategod, and The Crown.

This week’s new heavy metal releases include guitar flurries, a sludge legend's return, eye stuff that makes me uncomfortable, and more! To the metals…

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The Crown – Royal Destroyer

Genre: Melodic death metal
Origin: Trollhättan, Sweden
Label: Metal Blade

On their eleventh album The Crown are coming at you with a frenzy of notes and melodic aggression. It winds up being a pretty good presentation of everything this band has been through over their thirty plus years. You're getting modern metal, the 90's Swedish scene, and more all in one convenient compact disc, or vinyl record, or album stream, or whatever.

Eyehategod – A History Of Nomadic Behavior

Genre: Sludge
Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana
Label: Century Media

It's been seven years since Eyehategod's last sludgy opus, and the band went through a lot in that time. This included vocalist Mike IX Williams getting a new liver and, of course, a global pandemic. Well the wait is over and those topics and more are touched on in A History Of Nomadic Behavior. It's all the slow, heavy riffage you'd hope for from these NOLA legends. Max has a full review here.

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Gizmachi – Omega Kaleid

Genre: Progressive metal/melodic death metal
Origin: Newburgh, New Yor
Label: Self-released

Gizmachi. That's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Personally since Ozzfest '05. After a whole bunch of years this outfit is back with Soilwork's Björn Strid on the mic and a very different sound. There are certainly still grooves to be felt, but the nu metal thing is largely set aside for shredding melodic guitar frettery and proggy rhythms. I've very on board for 2021 Gizmachi.

Pupil Slicer – Mirrors

Genre: Grindcore/mathcore
Origin: London, England
Label: Prosthetic Records

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Pupil Slicer are a young band that embraces chaos. The trio dabble in mathcore, death metal, sludge, ambience, groove metal, and more on this record. This one is for those that have had a hole in their heart since Dillinger Escape Plan broke up. They're a different animal than DEP, but the influence is clear and the band is wonderful.

Stortregn – Impermanence

Genre: Melodic black/death metal
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Label: The Artisan Era

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How about some evil-sounding tech shit? Impermanence is an eight track cosmic exploration through metal. The record showcases the band's ability to combine black metal, various eras of death metal, technicality, melody, and even a jazzy break, and they do it very well.

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Rob Zombie – The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy

Genre: Groove/alternative metal
Origin: Haverhill, Massachusetts
Label: Nuclear Blast

Robert Cummings first record in half a decade sounds like the early days of his solo work in the best way. You're getting horror quotes nestled in chunky grooves and massive guitars work from John 5. If you've been feeling the need to slam in the back of your vehicle, this would be the one to to that to this week.

Also dropping today…

  • Autarkh – Form In Motion (Season Of Mist) – Extreme metal
  • Blackmore's Night – Nature's Light (earMusic) – Folk rock
  • Black TarPoon – Ten Thousand Throats (Self-released) – "Horror hellbilly"
  • Cactus Flowers – Solace EP (People.Parties.Places.) – Psychedelic rock
  • Conan – Live At Freak Valley (Napalm) – Doom/sludge
  • Dead Poet Society – -!- (Spinefarm) – Alternative rock
  • Demiser – Through the Gate Eternal (Boris Records) – Thrash/black metal
  • Ego Kill Talent – The Dance Between Extremes EP (BMG) – Hard rock
  • Enforced – Kill Grid (Century Media) – Crossover/thrash
  • God's Hate – God's Hate (Closed Casket Activities) – Hardcore
  • Heart Healer – The Metal Opera By Magnus Karlsson (Frontiers) – Metal opera
  • Marianas Rest – Fata Morgana (Napalm) – Melodic doom/death metal
  • Mausoleum/Anatomia – Split (Horror Pain Gore Death) – Death metal/doom
  • Necropanther – In Depths We Sleep (Self-released) – Doom
  • Orden Ogan – Final Days (AFM) – Power metal
  • Stefan Petanovski – Eros (Self-released) – Shred/progressive
  • Rise to the Sky – Let Me Drown With You (GS Productions) – Atmospheric doom
  • Saga – Symmetry (earMusic) – Progressive rock
  • Secre Sphere – Lifeblood (Frontiers) – Progressive/power metal
  • Thunder – All The Right Noises (BMG) – Heavy metal
  • Values – Divinity (Stay Sick Recordings) – Melodic metal
  • Varmia – Bal Lada (M-Theory) – Folk/black metal
  • White Void – Anti (Nuclear Blast) – Hard rock
  • Wesenwille – II: A Material God (Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions) – Black metal
  • WitchTit – Intoxicating Lethargy (Self-released) – Doom

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