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GWAR Planning On Releasing Covers Album For 30th Anniversary

Gwar just released their latest record Battle Maximus, but why stop at just releasing a record? Why not look ahead into 2014 and plan a covers album as well?

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Seriously. Vocalist for the band Oderus Urungus said about the idea:

“We are going to do a new record. We’ve been talking about a follow-up to ‘Battle Maximus.’ It’ll be coming out for next year for the 30th anniversary. It’s going to be an all-cover album and it will be called ‘GWAR Covered,’ and then the cover will be the cuttlefish just covering someone in some kind of filthy icker. It’ll be beautiful.”


“I’m gonna divvy it up amongst the band. I’m gonna let everybody in the band pick two or three songs and then I’m going to throw those all out and then I’m gonna decide on everything myself. I’m gonna do a lot of classic rock. We’re gonna hit someMotorhead, we’re gonna hit some Thin Lizzy, we’re gonna do some more Who, we might do some Engelbert Humperdinck, we might do a Neil Diamond medley.

I wanna do that song about ‘leaving the cake out in the rain and it took so long to bake it, I don’t think that I can fake it and I’ll never have that recipe again’ … that one; that f—ing song! Maybe that one by the Cranberries, you know, where she sounds like she’s having an anorexic vomiting fit. I don’t know, we’ll figure it out when we get there, but we’re definitely doing some Springsteen.”

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Interesting! I'd really love for Gwar to just cover some out-of-the-blue shit like he's talking about up there, partially for laughs and partially because I have a nagging feeling it might rule really hard. Gwar does "Born to Run"? Instant classic.

Update: Looks like it might not be happening after all:

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[via Loudwire by way of The PRP]

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