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GORGUTS to Begin Writing New Album

They were on a break the past few years.


We haven't heard much from Gorguts since the release of their 2016 one-song EP Pleiades' Dust, but that might change soon enough. Founding guitarist and vocalist Luc Lemay tells A Metalhead in a Strange Place he's starting to work on a new Gorguts record after the band took a break for a few years. Lemay said a break was necessary to allow the band's members to go do other things. The alternative being Lemay moving on and replacing members, which he said he'd rather not do.

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"The thing with having worked with Dave and Elliot is it really got me out of my cavern," said Lemay. "Right away when the news spread, Season of Mist’s president wrote to me: 'alors merde! What is it? The guys managed to get you out of hibernation? We never get news from you.' The next day, we spoke on Skype and I said 'don’t worry, I took a break, I needed a break to change my mind.' We had done a lot of tours two years ago, so we needed to focus on our own things, to take a break and recharge the batteries. Colin and Kevin have projects all the time. Colin has his studio, he’s always busy. Even the last tour in Europe was done with Forest [Dominic Lapointe] from Augury playing with us. I love Forest, he’s a damn good friend and he’s amazing. But I’d rather take a break than replace people all the time.

"Other than that, I started practicing again. As I said, I live in the countryside, in a small town. When I quit music, I started working freelance, doing woodwork. I sculpt wooden signs. Let’s say you have a small shop, you’re a shoemaker so you want a sign. They’re handmade signs. I started doing that and it gave me a lot of work. I built a whole workshop and eventually started making furniture as well. People came to me for that. So that’s what I do. You know the pandemic… of course it sucks, it’s crap for the music business and for arts. But me in confinement, I’m lucky enough that the phone rang and that I received commissions that I can work on in my workshop. So it doesn’t change much for me. I’m also in writing mode, I’ll start composing a new Gorguts album. I’m sorry to say that it’s a perfect timing… I mean that my writing session ends up happening now. There’s no sword cutting through water, like bands who worked hard for a year or two on an album. They want to unleash it but can’t…"

As of Pleiades' Dust, Gorguts was Lemay, bassist Colin Marston (Behold the Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, Krallice), guitarist Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhythmia), and drummer Patrice Hamelin (Beneath the Massacre [live], Cephalic Carnage [live]).

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