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GHOST's New Album Will Be Dark, Likely About The Fall Of Civilization

The return of the Devil?

The return of the Devil?

Ghost has made it pretty well known that it's trying to get a record out this fall, though with its upcoming tour with Iron Maiden, maybe that'll bump things up? Either way, a Nameless Ghoul knows what the new stuff will sound like, and it's dark.

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In an interview with Loudwire, the Ghoul says the album will be a response to Meliora in the sense that Meliora was about the pinnacle of civilization and the possible return of a deity.

Let’s just say that it’s a continuation of Meliora, but it’s sort of a response. I’ve used the word “pre-apocalyptic” on Meliora. It’s sort of the hide of civilization. It’s the symbolism, just look at the cover. It’s sky risers, everything. You don’t even see the ground. It’s all covered and built material. Obviously there has to be an end to that. So there will be a call and response. The next album will be the response to that. So if there was an absence of a God, there might be a return of a deity, which usually comes in horrible forms. So it will be a darker album.

Pretty apocalyptic! When asked about if the new album is in the works, Ghoul just replies "yeah." So there's a new album, and it's coming… whenever.

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