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GHOST Is Planning A Trilogy Of Music Videos

For three tracks in the middle of Impera.

Papa Emeritus IV Ghost

Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge recently revealed he has a plan for the band stretching all the way out to 2025, including another new album. Now in an interview with Viktor Wilt of KCVI, Forge reveals that part of that plan is a trilogy of music videos for "Call Me Little Sunshine," "Twenties," and "Watcher In The Sky." Forge also points out the trilogy will be separate from another video they're working on related to a radio single campaign (which personally I'm hoping is for "Spillways").

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"Short answer: yes. I just don't know exactly… Sometimes there's a difference between — obviously, you in radio know that — the songs that we release as singles and the ones that are singles that we push with a video and all that stuff. Right now I know what we're hoping to do a little bit later in the year. Long story short, we're making sort of a trilogy of videos for 'Call Me Little Sunshine', 'Twenties' [and] 'Watcher In The Sky'.

"And that is sort of in the making. So it might be that that is sort of a different piece; that might be a different thing that comes out sort of separate to a radio campaign, whereas obviously we have our eye on what we're gonna do towards the fall in terms of what song we're making a video for right now and so forth."

It's worth noting that Ghost already released a video for "Call Me Little Sunshine," though it sounds like Forge is working on a new one related to the trilogy.

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