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Funeral Doom Legends ESOTERIC Announces First New Album In Eight Years

It's about 100 minutes of music.


Esoteric is back after eight years, and back in a pretty big way. The band has announced a new double album titled A Pyrrhic Existence that stretches six tracks over the course of about 100 minutes. A Pyrrhic Existence was recorded at vocalist and guitarist Greg Chandler's Priory Recording Studios in Birmingham and was given artwork by Lisa Schubert.

Here's what the band had to say about the record.

"A Pyrrhic Existence is an album that deals with some of the darkest sides of the human psyche and the harsh realities of existence. The concepts of the lyrics deal with death, suffering, tragedy, lies and the breakdown of the human psyche. The title is a reference as to how existence can be perceived as something that inflicts so much devastation on the survivor, that it becomes tantamount to defeat. The music is a progression from previous albums, and is of an extremely psychedelic and experimental nature. It can be likened to a vicarious journey through the twisted passages of the broken mind."

Expect a single soon.

Funeral Doom Legends ESOTERIC Announces First New Album In Eight Years

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