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Fear Not, DISTURBED's New Music Will Be "Blisteringly Angry" And "Brutal"

Some Disturbed fans worried with the success of their Simon & Garfunkel cover, and the followup Sting cover, that perhaps Disturbed might be at risk for going "soft" with their new music. David Draiman is here to tell you that you have nothing to worry about.

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Speaking to Loudwire Nights, Draiman revealed "I am very, very, very much looking forward to writing some more new Disturbed material at some point, and I can pretty much guarantee it's going to be blisteringly angry," he said (hear audio below). "I'm dying to sink my teeth into new, original, angry, ferocious, brutal material."

Earlier this year, Draiman said the band have a few song ideas carved out and one song completed.

Draiman is currently living in Hawaii with his wife and son and noted the challenges of creating new music remotely.

"We kind of need to get back into the rhythm of being able to do stuff like this in Zoom format or online as opposed to in person," he said. "At least it's some kind of real-time connection so that you can be creating together improvisationally to an extent, but there's still issues with audio — it's not as clear as you want it sometimes, there's too much compression and you lose level; it's a challenge — and the vibe isn't there. There's nothing that replaces you being in front of your co-songwriter and being able to feed off each other's energy and create in person."

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Watch the full interview below:

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