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FEAR FACTORY's New Album Will Explore The Impact Of AI On Our Lives

"We will continue the theme of the relationship between man and technology"

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Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares has revealed that the band's next studio album will explore the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on our lives and work. In a recent interview with El Paso, Texas's KLAQ radio station, Cazares said that the album will continue the band's theme of examining the relationship between man and technology.

Cazares noted that AI is already having a major impact on our world, from the way we consume entertainment to the way we work. He said that he and his bandmates are interested in exploring how AI will continue to change our lives in the years to come.

"We're definitely gonna be doing a new record early next year and have it out sometime mid-next year. And we will continue the theme of what Fear Factory is about — the relationship between man and technology and where that's gonna take us" Dino explained. "Cause now we have a whole new influx of AI and how much AI is effecting change in our day-to-day life. I mean, you see all the strikes over here in Los Angeles — the writers' strike. And now there's gonna be actors and the video game industry who are gonna be also striking as well. So it's gonna get crazy because AI is definitely changing where we are headed as people."

"Ever since our Obsolete record, we've always been talking about change, we've always been talking about how certain things, because of technology, is gonna become obsolete. So it's very interesting to see what's gonna happen with the movie industry and the video game industry, to see where that's gonna go. And that's kind of what we're gonna be singing about in our new record — just where AI is gonna take us and how it's gonna affect us in our day-to-day lives. So, we'll see. We'll see where this goes" Cazares added.

Fear Factory's new album is scheduled to be released in mid-2024. It will be the band's first album with new singer Milo Silvestro.

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