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EYEHATEGOD Planning To Record Full-Length

I nearly shit the bed (figuratively, you pervert) when Eyehategod finally released an official studio version of "New Orleans Is The New Vietnam" recently. But, this was only a single, and it's been twelve long years since we've gotten a proper full-length release from the band. Understandably, they were a little pre-occupied for a few of those years with the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, but when are we going to hear a full album from the band?

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In a recent interview with, frontman Mike Williams said the band has over an album's worth of material:

"Right now we've got enough songs, more than enough songs for the record, we've got extra songs," he says. "They're not all finished yet, some of the songs need vocals put to them and stuff like that, but for the most part, we've written enough songs for the record, plus more. So it's been a really good writing period the last couple of years."

The band are currently shopping for a label home for the record, which is a priority:

"We've got three different record labels that we're talking to, we're trying to figure out which label is the best for us, mainly because we don't trust record labels at all. I mean, we really don't, we've been screwed over before and we just don't trust anybody. So we're trying to get the best deal we can for us.

"We're not kids anymore, we're older now so we need to make this our living. A couple of us have jobs, but for the most part this is our job, so it's just confusing sometimes. We're dealing with labels, we're trying to figure out what studio to go into right now, even before we've signed a deal, so it's just a lot of things we have to decide. I know we've been promising people a new record for years, so hopefully we won't disappoint people anymore."

One thing is for certain, the band will not be naming the album Whiskey Drink, as that was an unfounded rumor. Either way, hopefully, we'll hear new EHG in 2013! Read the whole interview at Exclaim!

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