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Drumming Up an Appetite With VINNIE PAUL

by: Shannon Joy

Pantera/Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul announced at the Revolver Golden Gods nominations that he will be releasing a cookbook entitled Drumming Up an Appetite with Vinnie Paul.  While no specific publishing date has been confirmed, the drummer cites a hopeful release towards the end of 2010.

"It's got a picture of me sitting behind a drum set with a turkey leg in one hand and a chicken leg in another", he says.

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Paul’s cookbook is set to contain a wide variety of his favorite recipes, including everything from fajitas to his iniquitous stuffed jalapenos:

“I take fresh jalapeños, put cream cheese on them, maybe a little fajita seasoning, cheddar cheese on top and the key ingredient, which I learned in Australia, is barbecue sauce.  Don't put hot sauce on it, just a little barbecue sauce on them.  Put them on the grill…”

"When I have parties…I always make sure I have two or three fresh habaneros and I only put them on one or two.  There's always someone who comes running around the corner, 'Oh my god!  I don't know what was in those, but my mouth is on fire!  What do I do?!'”

It's fucking awesome.  Somebody always gets one, but nobody knows who."

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