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DIMMU BORGIR Is Mixing Its New Album Right Now, Due Out Later This Year

Seven years later, but it's very real!

Seven years later, but it's very real!

We were promised the first Dimmu Borgir studio album in seven years this year, and it sounds like that promise is going to be delivered. In an interview with Metal Wani, guitarist and vocalist Silenoz says the album is currently being mixed, and release plans are being worked out.

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Silenoz also says the band didn't use a real orchestra this time around, though all the samples used on the album are orchestral ones. Plus, with the quality of instrumentation programming nowadays, I'm sure most people wouldn't even notice if Silenoz hadn't said anything.

"Well right now I’m calling from the studio in Sweden and we’re in the mixing stages—last final stages of the mixing of the album so that’s where were at at the moment. We’re attacking it now with surgical knives and, you know, the small, extremely small, microscopic stuff that we feel is necessary to put the last pieces on the album."

"As far as the live orchestra goes, we have decided not to use the live stuff this album. But the orchestral portion of this album is of course built up by real orchestral sounds. I think this album is sounding even more orchestral in the orchestral parts than the previous album even.

"So it hasn’t lost anything in that aspect from the previous album. To me it’s of course a bit difficult to analyze at the moment; probably will be for the next couple years anyway. It’s definitely a diverse, very much varied sounding album. Every song stands perfectly on its own feet. It offers so much stuff, there’s tons of layers as usual, but more control, maybe? So I can’t wait…"

In the meantime, Dimmu Borgir's Forces Of The Northern Night live DVD/CD is due out April 28, and features a very real orchestra.

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