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DEVIN TOWNSEND's Autobiography Is Coming Soon!

It's finally coming!

It's finally coming!

We've brought up the fact that Devin Townsend had been working on an autobiography here and there, but the book becoming a legitimate reality always seemed one step too far away. Finally we've got some really good news! Townsend took to Twitter over the weekend to post up an advertisement about the book, as well as the website where you can register to be notified with more information about the book when it becomes available.

Here's what Townsend had to say about the book on the website.

With this book I really want to discuss music, my creative process, the connection between my personal development and how my career and music has been lived, and I want to do it frankly and in detail. I want to offer up my experiences – positive and negative – so that it might help other people to follow their muse and get to do what they dream about. I want to contrast what people assume this life and work is based on, with the reality. It’s so easy to get lost in addiction, accolades and criticisms instead of creating music, but essentially that is the healthiest thing in the world: going where the music takes you is so important.

This book is part manual and part diary. It’s a travelogue, a songbook, a celebration, elucidation and condemnation; it’s my story, told by me, for you.

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I wonder if that CD in the picture is the exclusive EP he said would come with the book? That or the audiobook portion.

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