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DEICIDE Working On "Really Strong, Aggressive" New Music

"We've been really focusing and writing just really — in my opinion — some amazing stuff.


Looks like there might not be a five year gap between Deicide records like there was between 2013 and 2018. According to guitarist Chris Cannella in an interview with Jason Saulnier, Deicide is currently working on some "really strong, aggressive" new material that's coming together pretty quick now that Cannella lives closer.

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Cannella replaced guitarist Mark English in 2019, meaning this new record will be his first with the band.

"Since I moved out a year ago, we were writing a lot of music, and then we kind of started over when I got out here and I was able to rehearse all the time rather than just meeting up when I was commuting for work. So we've been really focusing and writing just really — in my opinion — some amazing stuff.

"And when we do record it, you will definitely hear a different vibe with the band, because the camaraderie is so strong. I mean, the four of us in a room, we just have a great time. We love being around each other, we like writing music together. You're gonna hear a lot of that. It's just a really strong, aggressive… A lot of guitar work, a lot of cool drumming. Glen's stuff that he is working on — it's great. It's exciting. I couldn't be happier."

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