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DEICIDE Is Done With Their New Record

It'll be out… eventually.


Deicide has finished recording their first new album since 2018. "It's done, it's going to test mixing, then mastering," wrote Deicide in their post. "The artwork is amazing and is in its finishing stages, everything is ready to go and is in the record company's hands now. Now we all wait…"

The new Deicide record is their first with guitarist Taylor Nordberg (Inhuman Condition, The Absence, etc.), who replaced Chris Cannella in 2022. As for the new material, vocalist and bassist Glen Benton noted in an interview with The Garza Podcast that the record was written in 2021 and will get pretty progressive.

"The new stuff that we're writing now is really anthem-style stuff. It's really good, man. There's a lot of prog stuff in there, mixed in there. Steve's [Asheim, drums] our prog guy, man; he's the progressive rock guy. He likes to write those really black metal riffs and the progressive stuff. He's an amazing talent, man. He plays piano. He can play sweeps on guitar. He's a drummer. Yeah, he can do it all."

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