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DEFTONES Chipping Away At New Music

And generally taking it easy, for the most part.


Deftones is working on the follow-up to their 2020 album Ohms, but they're not exactly in a rush to get it done. According to vocalist Chino Moreno in an interview with The Noise 11, the other members of Deftones are "chipping away" at new music as the band winds down from their touring recent schedule.

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"We're just chipping away on some new music — those guys are, at least, at the moment," said Moreno. "We have some sporadic shows over the next couple of years, or a year or so, whatever. But for the most part, yeah, we're just kind of winding down and taking some time off, for the most part."

The new record will be Deftones' first without bassist Sergio Vega, who left the band earlier this year. Vega has been replaced by Fred Sablan live, though Sablan isn't a part of the band in any permanent capacity outside touring duties. The same goes for now-second guitarist Lance Jackman. So who knows who will end up playing on Ohms.

Guitarist Stephen Carpenter shared a similar sentiment in an interview with Cypress Hill vocalist B-Real's The Smokebox show, where he said Deftones was starting to come up with ideas for new material but isn't at a stage where they're actually writing. "[We're] getting ready to [work on new material]," said Carpenter. "Just coming up with ideas at this point, more conversation at the moment than actual doing."

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