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DANZIG To Release ELVIS Covers Album This Fall, Working On "Vampire Spaghetti-Western" Film

Posted by on April 18, 2019 at 10:24 am

I feel like we've covered the Danzig covering Elvis project before, and I was right – we've been talking about this since 2014. It also looks like this year is the final year we'll have to mention it, as Danzig promises Danzig Sings Elvis will be out sometime this fall. Cover art and singles are to come in the next few weeks, and here's hoping the production is at least marginally better than his 2015 covers album Skeletons. Or at least he's a little more imaginative with his renditions. Seriously, we all agree Skeletons wasn't Danzig's finest hour by a long shot, right?

Danzig also promises he's casting his new "vampire Spaghetti-Western" film. Personally, I nominate the folks from Two Minutes To Late Night, as their western personas in their season finale were fantastic. Plus the pairing of Danzig being really serious and a cast that sneaks in comedy would be fantastic.

The long awaited "DANZIG Sings ELVIS" covers record has now been scheduled for a Fall release. We will post the cover & tracks in the coming weeks. Mr. DANZIG has also just put the finishing touches on the script for his next film which will be a vampire Spaghetti-Western & DANZIG will direct. Casting will begin shortly… Busy year for the Man!!

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