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CRADLE OF FILTH Done Recording New Album

"It's going to be the best-sounding record we've ever done."

Cradle of Filth, the band who has their own tea line now, is done recording their new album. The new album will feature a new keyboardist replacing Lindsay Schoolcraft, though Cradle of Filth hasn't made any announcements about who that is yet.

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Vocalist Dani Filth told Knotfest the new record is the band's "best-sounding record" and "probably the best-written record."

"We've literally just finished recording an album, which we've had quite a long time to do, to be honest. We were very fortunate that Martin [Škaroupka] came in to do drums just before lockdown, and since then, everyone's just been chipping in in bits. I've had the longest, as I live close to the studio, but it means we've been able to revisit songs, amend things, try loads of different ideas. We've probably gone over-budget, but we don't really care about that as it's going to be the best-sounding record we've ever done, and probably the best-written record."

"It's been quite relaxing oddly being able to take our time with it without that pressure of deadlines, but it does mean with everyone doing things in parts as we were able, we've not all been together since the last show, and haven't been with our new keyboard player as well who contributed to the album but hasn't yet played a show."

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