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BEHEMOTH Plans On Recording A New Album In 2017

Behemoth is gearing up to relax and make some new music.

Behemoth is gearing up to relax and make some new music.

Behemoth's future has been in a state of flux over the past few years, from the band being on the verge of a hiatus to posting clips of riffs. The most recent update from the group was that there would be another album soon enough, and according to bassist Orion in a recent interview with Planet Mosh, that album may come in 2017.

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The stipulation, as it's always been with Behemoth, is that the new record will happen as long as the band is extremely pleased with the final result. Orion also reveals in the interview that part of the reason The Satanist got pushed back was because the band wasn't happy with the final mix.

"I think there will be a new album. I mean, you can never know. We started to jam, to work on some riffs, some songs, some ideas, but we're still talking about that. That's gonna take… In our case, that's a long, long time, long process to make things happen, and we're not really ashamed to say that we take months, half a year, a year for the whole process. So it's rehearsing, it's writing, it's recording, it's producing, then it's releasing the album. We're one of these bands who can do this within two months. We just can't. There's people who are better than us. We can't do this. So we are planning on doing the new album next year. This is the plan. Let's see what happens."

At the very least, Orion says 2017 will consist of writing and recording a new album. So that's still really good news!

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