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ARSIS to Release New Album, Unwelcome

Coming right off the heels of their Leper's Caress EP late last year is the new album, Unwelcome. I am so ready for this.

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On April 30th we'll be getting a new Arsis album, which is a good thing. I've jammed their recent EP pretty relentlessly as of late and the new tunes can finally give that release a much-needed rest. Apparently the new album is going to rule, according to bassist and vocalist James Malone, who says-

“At this point Arsis has more than a few releases in our catalogue and we are about to have one more, Unwelcome. Of all the albums we have done, Unwelcome is an album that I wanted to define the band’s sound. We were all focused for the writing and recording and the end product reflects this. Get ready for Unwelcome to see the light of day on April 30th through Nuclear Blast USA and for Arsis to be destroying the new material live throughout May with Hypocrisy, Krisiun, and Aborted!!!”

Define the band's sound, huh? I think they've done a pretty good job of defining their sound over the years, save for Starve for the Devil, which I still stand by as not being a terrible record as it was generally seen as. Though if this is going to be the real deal in terms of their core sound, then I'll assume this record is going to be beyond sick and may explode my very being. I guess we'll find out soon enough! In the mean time, catch them on the Hypocrisy-headlined tour coming to a city potentially near you!

Or maybe not near you- I don't know you.

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