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ARCHSPIRE Raises Nearly $40,000 To Make The Craziest Death Metal Music Video Ever

Photo by Shimon Karmel

Archspire is no stranger to making insane music videos, having already made ones for songs like "Drone Corpse Aviator" and "Golden Mouth Of Ruin." Though Archspire is trying to one-up those with something even more insane.

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Archspire has raised nearly $40,000 via Kickstarter to create what they're calling "the craziest death metal music video ever." All we know so far is that the video features plenty of practical effects, "creature FX," and a full stunt team. So expect things to get nuts.

"At the time of this writing, we are in pre-production for this video, and so, SO much has already happened," said Archspire in the now-closed Kickstarter. "We have a full script, written by our vocalist Oliver Rae Aleron, Mitch Ray and the amazing Rob Zawistowski, along with production designer Kathleen Cooper.

"Our practical effects team, this time headed by Nerida Karlen, with Erin Peters and Chris Clark, have begun sculpting and designing the creature FX, with some incredible early results. Our stunt team, led by Kelsi Chartrand has helped develop some incredible shots with the rest of the crew, and the amazing folks at Departure Lounge have allowed us time at their 3D volumetric studio to make the most epic shots of the entire video."

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