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AFTER THE BURIAL Planning To Release "Heavy As Fuck" New Album Spring 2019

Posted by on October 10, 2018 at 2:55 pm

after the burial

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After The Burial recently revealed they'd finished recording their brand new album ahead of embarking on their Rareform 10-year anniversary tour. Now in an interview with The Metal Teddy Bear Experience, guitarist Trent Hafdahl reveals they'll release a new single this winter and a new album sometime spring 2019. He adds that the Rareform tour is taking up basically all their time right now, but once they're back they'll work on marketing.

“…I can tell you that we will be releasing a single sometime over the winter and then we are releasing it next year, sometime in the Spring. Other than that..we wrapped the mix and master up about two weeks before we started rehearsals for this tour. When we are out on the road it’s kinda hard to take care of that business just because it’s a very involving process being out here but once we get back the wheels are going to start turning, balls gonna be rolling."

The new album will be After The Burial's first without founding bassist Lerichard "Lee" Foral and with new bassist Adrian Oropeza. Hafdahl adds that the band won't be throwing it back to their old Rareform sound on the new album, but will remain "heavy as fuck."

“…It’s still heavy as fuck. It’s a heavy ass After The Burial record. It’s still us you know? People are like, ‘is it going to sound like Dig Deep?’ Well no dude, Dig Deep sounds like Dig Deep. That record was written and we did it and it sounds great. This one is a different record. It sounds sick.

“It is it’s own thing. It’s hard to explain, man. It’s just art. You don’t want to paint the same picture 50 times. We all really enjoy it. It’s definitely a heavy, heavy one and I think my favorite solo work that I’ve done on any record, like solo guitars, guitar solos. I’m pumped, I’m really pumped."

Seriously though, go catch After The Burial doing Rareform alongside The Acacia Strain doing Continent. That record is insane.

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