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tr00 and False

tr00 & False: Who reigned supreme and who fell short this week in metal

It’s hard to be tr00. In this new Metal Injection feature, every week, the editors of, Axl Rosenberg and Vince Neilstein, will dissect the week’s stories and decide which stories are deemed worthy of the title “tr00″and admonish all posers who are false and upset the metal gods. Here are this week's entries:

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The re-release of one 2006's best albums, Sacrament, comes with a bonus disc that breaks down each song on the album track by track, allowing you to upload the mp3s onto your computer and re-mix, re-record, or pretty much do whatever the fuck you want with each song. Prepare to have no social life whatsoever.

Regardless of how you've felt about all the post-Nick Oliveri QOTSA material, you gotta give respect where respect is due: this week, Homme declared of his record label, "Interscope sucks my dick," and blamed the music industry for its own downfall. Can't fault a dude for telling it like it is…

Crustcake have posted a retrospective on ’90s UK doom masters Electric Wizard, recently reformed after breaking up in 2002, to release a new album, Witchcult Today. The restrospective even has some free mp3s of class EW tracks. if you don't know this band, you must check this out – they're a fuckin' AMAZING song to get stoned to.


Here's your Christmas lump of coal: at a concert in New York last week, the band announced that there will be no new LOG albums or tours until 2009. That means 2008 will be the first Lamb of God-less year of the aughties. That new Meshuggah album better kill.

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After Blabbermouth's Keith Bergman gave their new album a perfect score, we decided to check them out… only to discover that they were a generic stoner rock band that apparently like to take cheesy photos of themselves standing in the mist (rimshot!) of too many smoke machines. Pass the Electric Wizard on the left hand side, please.

They've apparently hired their fourth lead singer, Dan Nelson of… some bands you've never heard of. We'd tell what the dude sounds like, but every band he's ever been in mysteriously took all their music down from their respective MySpace pages earlier in the week, leaving us with the rumor that "Dan sounds quite a bit like John Bush." Oh-kay. Hey, Dan? Meet Gary Cherone and John Corabi. Gary Cherone and John Corabi, Dan. You guys should lots to talk about.

The Godfather of Shock Rock admitted that when he got out of rehab, he substituted his substance abuse addiction with an addicition to… golf. In the words of Kip Wingerschmidt: "I'm proud of Alice for kicking the habit of booze, really I am, but for the record — golf is much more fun when you drink. Seriously."

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