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SATANIC PLANET (THE LOCUST, Etc.) To Play Every Capitol Building That Hosted A Christian Nationalist Performer

Right on.

Greaves Sean

Despite not actually being a Christian nation from the start and Christianity declining in the United States, we still operate under the delusion that Christianity is thriving and clearly favor the religion above all others. Lucien Greaves, Satanic Planet frontman and co-founder of The Satanic Temple, has a problem with that.

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Greaves and the band have vowed to play every Capitol building across the United States where Christian Nationalist musician Sean Feucht has also played, because hey – if you're gonna let one religion preach there, you have to let all of 'em.

"Feucht is openly a theocrat who courts the attention of politicians and seeks to proselytize through his performances," said Greaves. "He has his opinions, and we have ours, but one thing the government can not do is preference his viewpoint over ours by giving him exclusive access to perform a concert on the Capitol grounds. That stage is every bit as much ours as it is his, so, in the name of pluralism and religious liberty, there are some state capitols that are likely soon to be hosting Satanic Planet shows."

Satanic Planet is raising funds to play these shows at this location. According to Greaves, "We will not be able to sell tickets to the capitol grounds, we will surely draw protests, the stage and sound will likely be difficult, and the cost will not be insignificant. That said, however, we can not stand by idly as theocratic extremists are given such an elevated public platform to spread their divisive message without reminding everybody that that stage is equally theirs as well. Feucht seeks to use the stage to announce a theocratic stranglehold over the United States government, and we seek to rectify that by re-establishing pluralism."

If Satanic Planet's request to perform is denied, the fundraiser will be put towards the legal battle that will follow. Satanic Planet has already submitted a request to perform at the Indiana State Capitol on August 12.

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Satanic Planet is a super-group which includes Luke Henshaw (Planet B, Sonido de la Frontera), Justin Pearson (The Locust, Dead Cross, Swing Kids, Deaf Club) and Lucien Greaves (The Satanic Temple co-founder and spokesperson). Check out the fundraiser here.

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