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Prophecy Fest Comes To The USA!

Prophecy Fest is coming to Brooklyn in just a few weeks! We give you the scoop!

Prophecy Fest is coming to Brooklyn in just a few weeks! We give you the scoop!

As their coming out party in the USA, Prophecy is launching the inaugural Prophecy Fest. With a stacked lineup featuring titans like AlcestNovembers DoomXasthurCrowhurst and many more, Prophecy Productions hopes to give Brooklyn's Knitting Factory a unique experience on November 2nd and 3rd.

The festival see the hometown return of Brooklyn's So Hideous! Every attendee will get a special double CD compilation showcasing the North American roster, and those who get in before 8PM will receive an additional tote bag. Presented in conjunction with Invisible Oranges, the festival promises to be a unique experience for all metal scene misfits and music lovers.

Prophecy Productions has existed since 1996 when it started first as a mail order for the black metal records gaining traction in the underground at the time and then to release Empyrium's classic debut album, A Wintersunset…. This set a trend of working with groups who focused on the unorthodox, dreamy and unconventional side of the metal world. With their globe spanning roster of 'dark and transcendental' music, Prophecy Productions has helped to develop countless artists, including names like Alcest, Negura Bunget, and Bethlehem.

About a year ago the label expanded and decided to open a US office. Since then, they have signed a plethora of US artists, among them names like Year of the Cobra, Nachmystium, Xasthur and Silence in the Snow… One year later it’s time for the first edition of Prophecy Fest USA to showcase a few of their most promising new acts. Let's hope they create an institution for extreme music fanatics that we'll all be able to look forward to every year.

For those of you not familiar with the bands we thought it would be appropriate to give a brief intro to every act. Or check out the fest playlist:


7 PM

Volur (Toronto, Doom metal)Beloved doom metallers hailing from Toronto, Volur are one of the few international additions to Prophecy Fest. Having already made their way over to Europe this violin driven group has a sound that is distinct and full of life.

8 PM

Xasthur (Los Angeles, Neofolk): Once black metal royalty, Xasthur has now become a powerful neofolk act. The fusion of darker elements with bluegrass has been dubbed "Doomgrass" by project founder Scott C.

9 PM

Kayo Dot (NYC, Avant Rock): This is a band who have gleefully danced all over the metal spectrum and excelled in every area of it. While fitting largely into the 'avant metal' spectrum this band that came out of the ashes of Maudlin of the Well has always represented so much more than that.

10 PM

So Hideous (NYC, Symphonic Black Metal)Brooklyn favorites, these symphonic black metallers have never been afraid to bring in a whole wealth of ideas. 2015 saw the release of the truly magical Laurestine and though the band has been fairly quiet in the last year or so it seems like they are getting ready to return to the international stage.


Novembers Doom (Chicago, Doom/Death): Doom metal legends who have received much more notoriety in Europe, these Chicago natives exploded onto the scene in the nineties and have only grown from there.


7 PM

1476 (Salem, Post black metal/Post Punk): I have always felt that 1476 were there generations Agalloch. With huge soundscapes and a unique vision, these post black metallers have started to dart across the county with a hectic touring schedule.

8 PM

Year of the Cobra (Seattle, Doom metal): A band whose members grew out of hardcore and who cut their teeth in the nations familial stoner rock community, the band were an early signing to the Prophecy USA branch.

9 PM

Crowhurst (Philadelphia, Post black metal/Sludge): A band who fuse metal with noise and have released more than their fair share of records Crowhurst's visionary frontman Jay Gambit has spent years refining a truly exciting live show.

10 PM

Eye of Nix: Underground darlings, these Seattle avant black metallers have a truly unique sound and are doing some really cool things within the scene. Their last record, 2017's Black Somnia made major waves in the underground with their unique vocal approach and intense playing.

11 PM

Alcest: Perhaps the most notable band on the Prophecy Productions roster. These pioneers shaped the face of modern black metal with their 2007 release, Souvenir's D'un Autre Monde and have continued to impress ever since. I am beyond excited for Prophecy Fest and think that this is going to be a really unique and cool experience for everyone involved!

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