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OM, THE OBSESSED, THE WELL & More Slated For Monolith On The Mesa Festival

Stoner rock and metal headed to New Mexico.

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Monolith on the Mesa will take place for the first time ever on May 17 and 18 at Taos Mesa Brewing (The Mothership and Taos Tap Room), with a pre-party happening on May 16. The festival's lineup will include bands like Om, The Obsessed, Dead Meadow, The Well, Wovenhand and Pinkish Black alongside visual artists like Christian Ristrow, Christina Sporrong and JP Rodman.

Here's what The Obsessed frontman Scott "Wino" Weinrich had to say about the festival.

"Music is the universal language, and as emotion's companion invokes thought, feeling and awareness. We are excited and honored to be invited to perform at this gathering, and we hope to see a lot of friends, fans and family out in the gorgeous environs of Taos, New Mexico." Lisa Bella Donna of EYE adds “We are truly looking forward to being a part of Monolith on the Mesa. Since improvisation is a big part of the overall picture EYE paints with our music, we’re very inspired to take everything in while we’re there, and to circulate that momentum."

Check out the full lineup below alongside daily times, and get your tickets here.

Thursday May 16th 2019 Preshow Party Doors Open At 6 Pm 
Prey For Kali– 6:15-6:45
The Horned God– 7:00-7:30
Teeth– 7:45-8:15
Article 15– 8:30-9:00
Beard– 9:15-9:45
Red Mesa-10:00-10:30
Black Maria– 10:45-11:15
Black Magic Flower Power– 11:30-12:15

Friday May 17th 2019 
Outside Stage: Om– 10:30-12:00
Inside Stage: Wino Acoustic-9:45-10:30
Outside Stage: Dead Meadow-8:45-9:45
Inside Stage: Tia Carrera-8:00-8:45
Outside Stage: Wovenhand-7:15-8:00
Inside Stage: Stone-Deaf– 6:30-7:15
Outside Stage: True Widow– 5:45-6:30
Inside Stage: Lord Buffalo– 5:00-5:45
Outside Stage: Green Druid– 4:15-5:00
Inside Stage: Oryx– 3:45-4:15
Outside Stage: Weeed 3:00-3:45
Inside Stage: Supergiant– 2:30-300
Outside Stage: Spirit Mother– 1:45-2:30
Inside Stage: You– 1:15-1:45
Inside Stage: Via Vengeance– 12:30-1:00
Inside Stage: Deep Cross– 11:45-12:15

Saturday May 18th 2019 
Outside Stage: The Obsessed– 11:00-12:00
Inside Stage: The Well– 10:15-11:00
Outside Stage: Heavy Eyes– 9:30-10:15
Inside Stage: Pinkish Black– 8:45-9:30
Outside Stage: Eye– 7:45-8:45
Inside Stage: Itcos– 7:00-7:45
Outside Stage: Castle– 6:15-7:00
Inside Stage: Palehorse– 5:45-6:15
Outside Stage: Crypt Trip– 5:00-5:45
Inside Stage: Communion– 4:15-5:00
Outside Stage: Pharlee– 3:30-4:20
Inside Stage: Loom– 2:45-3:30
Outside Stage: Yatra– 2:00-2:45
Inside Stage: Sorxe– 1:30-2:00
Outside Stage: The Munsens– 12:45-1:30
Inside Stage: Dysphotic– 12:15-12:45
Inside Stage: Devil’s Throne-11:30-12:00

OM, THE OBSESSED, THE WELL & More Slated For Monolith On The Mesa Festival

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