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OBITUARY To Perform Their First Two Albums in Full via Livestream

Slowly We Rot and Cause of Death, in case you forgot.

Obituary has announced three separate livestream events for October and November. Obituary will perform Slowly We Rot on October 17, Cause of Death on October 24, and then a set of rarities and special tracks on November 7. The two full album streams will be broadcast from ESI Streaming Studio in Tampa, FL, and the rarities set will be from Obituary's own studio in Gibsontown, FL.

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Tickets are on sale here now. Here's what the band had to say about the upcoming events.

"The World Health Organization has announced an earth-shattering advisory… they've tried to develop a vaccine… they're employing any treatment they can think of… but upon repeated examination and the indisputable death toll it has been confirmed… THERE IS NO CURE FOR METAL!!!!! And with that in mind, we aim to deliver you from the pain within… the pain withOUT this intangible substance your soul survives to crave….and present you with a trifecta of infectious disease that is sure to please your senses…socially distanced, WE WILL ROT TOGETHER!!!!!!"

Obituary is also working on a new album hopefully out sometime early 2021.

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"Our hope is in 2021, maybe in the first half of the year, put a new record out."