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No Sounds of the Underground this year?

Looks like another favorite from years' past may not be coming back this year.

During an interview with the Headbangers Blog Podcast, while Dave Mustaine talked about the lineup for this year's Gigantour he let it slip up that because of the stacked lineup of his tour (and most-likely the even heavier stacked Rockstar Mayhem Fest) the organizers of Sounds of the Underground are sitting this year out:

Headbangers Ball Blog: When we were talking before the interview, you mentioned something about there being no Sounds of the Underground this year.
Mustaine: I did say that.

Headbangers Ball Blog: Is that because they didn’t want to compete with Gigantour?
Mustaine: No, I did not say that. I said that they had given us a compliment and said that they weren’t going out this year because I think they wanted to get some of the talent that we have. I think think that they were looking at Children or In Flames. For whatever reason [they’re not having the tour this year]. But the bottom line is it’s cool to see that we’re trudging through and we’re having integrity and the bands are good and the music is happening and we’re gonna have fun, man.

While its sad to see one of our favorite fests take the Summer off, the good news is at least there will be more tours coming around with full sets. One of the biggest downsides of these mega-fests is the extremely short set-times, usually 20 -30 minutes for all bands except for headliners. We'll keep you posted when we get official word.

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