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MOSSENEK Suffers From Divine Indifference

Hey metalheads, do you have a craving for avant-garde music that's heavy, but you find Naked City and Mr. Bungle too commercial and accessible? Are you a fan of Enbilulugugalbut wish their recordings were more lo-fi and stripped down? If so, you're definitely going to want to check out Divine Indifference – the new album from New York's Mossenek.

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Mossenek is comprised of avant-garde guitarist Mick Barr (Krallice, Octis, Ocrilim) and sound artist Chuck Bettis. To say the duo's music is challenging is a gross understatement. It's more improvisational noise and yelling than anything else and there's no traditional song structure to be found. Still, if you enjoy this type of thing, you won't be let down.

Divine Indifference is the third entry in a digital trilogy of releases, and Mossenek will be supporting these recordings by touring Japan in June alongside fellow avante-garde weirdos Vampillia and drone cult favorites Nadja. Before the band hit The Land of the Rising Sun, they'll be ripping the Big Apple a new one with a series of dates in May. Below you can find the complete list of live assaults. If you want to purchase these digital albums, they're all available through Mossenek's Bandcamp page.

May 7th @ Silent Barn, Mossenek, Nebadon, La Cruor
May 15th @ Trans Pecos: Overishins (Barr, Bettis,Ppride, Deblase) and others.
May 23rd @ St. Vitus: Mossenek, Prizehog
June 5th @ St. Vitus: Mick Barr/Marc Edwards Duo, Many Arms and Dysrhythmia
June 20th @ Nest Tokyo
June 21st @ Vio Nagoya
June 22nd @ Conpass Osaka
June 25th @ Tadoshi Kindergarten Fukagawa City
June 29th @ Nest Tokyo w/ Group A
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