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Bummer Alert


There is good news and bad news about Phil Anselmo's upcoming inaugural Housecore Horror Film Festival.  Due to personal scheduling conflicts, Suffocation has been forced to cancel their performance this year and have been replaced by Hate Eternal. Almost a win, right?

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While it fucking blows that we're going to miss Suffocation in Austin this year, it's fucking killer that Hate Eternal has stepped up and will be replacing Suffo in the insane fucking lineup that makes up the Housecore Horror Film Festival.

But just because there will be no Suffo this go-around doesn't mean that it can't happen next year. True crime author and HHFF co-creator Corey Mitchell posted on the fest's Facebook that they will try to get the Long Island death metal band to perform at the horror film festival in 2014.

Phil Anselmo first encountered Hate Eternal vocalist/guitarist Erik Rutan when Philip enlisted Rutan and his then-band Morbid Angel on a U.S. tour with Pantera and Slayer.

Rutan said of the two tours he did with Pantera, "We toured together for 16 weeks. Those 16 weeks were life changing for me in so many ways. Being a guy who has just been content touring and recording records all these years, to have the opportunity to play arenas with one of the biggest and best metal bands out there was overwhelming, for I never thought that opportunity would ever happen yet it did. It changed my life forever."

Hate Eternal has released several genre-defining death metal albums such as Conquering the Throne, King Of All Kings, and Phoenix Among The Ashes.

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How do you feel about Suffocation dropping off the bill? Does adding Hate Eternal make up for it? Let us know in the comments. We'll be providing coverage for all the unlucky ones who cannot make it down to Austin this Halloween for all the madness.

Stay tuned!

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