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ALL SHALL PERISH European Tour Update


have posted an update about their European tour on their official Myspace page:

Oi! Right then, well we have just been havin a blast in the uk. London bloody london 1000 blokes fuckin sold out insanity, but even crazier french-fries are chips, chips are crips and thers no such thing as fries! and arguably worse…kfc has gravy but no mash potatos!!!; fucking mid-evil times isn't it?

All in all tho it aint that different, we were eatin some indian food and we got offered to buy bootleg dvd's oakland style so we picked up this new euro movie hot fuzz, its the doods from shaun of the dead and its hillarious…..but the whole purchase made us feel quite at home.

We are constantly talking in british accents and I think we have managed to piss most of the country off but hey…they can fuck right off ay?
Bangers n mash aside these blokes know how to treat us yanks. Tonight was manchester, home of morrisey and the 2 cocks in the ass queen of porn alisha rhoads and needless to say the kids fuckin went crazy. Another 1000 sold out show and we all got to watch bleeding through rock a full house which if you have never seen….well u should consider it. (At this point I feel the need to explain the inside joke I just made. You see, when I was young and I saw bleeding through at gilman in berkely brandan the singer of bleeding through was dedicating a song to straight edge and talked for a while and then said "oh um ya…and if you arnt straight edge…um….you should consider it' which was said so casualy it made me and my friend rob chuckle. So there is my unessisary explaination of a inside joke just to clue you all in……you better feel special)

So ya bleeding through are fucking rad people, they are prolly the nicest band we have ever toured with and they have the smallest ego's for a band their size I've ever met. We have also fell in love with Jonas their tour manager and jared their drum tech (doods from hope conspirisy)

So enough for now….we will be in mainland europe in 5 days…and I hear its a lot different!

To see all ALL SHALL PERISH tour dates go to this location.

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