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Renown Metal Artist JUSTIN BARTLETT Has Passed Away

Thanks for everything, Justin.

Justin Bartlett

Renown metal artist Justin Bartlett, who you might know as Vberkvlt, has passed away after a battle with stage 4 colorectal cancer. Bartlett's artwork has graced the covers of albums from Sunn O))), Trap Them, Cadaver, Hooded Menace, and many more over the years. Bartlett has also contributed logos to bands like Hot Graves and even Decibel Magazine throughout his career.

Bartlett's passing was confirmed by his sister. In addition, the GoFundMe originally set up to help with medical bills has now been converted to one for funeral expenses. You can donate here. We wish Bartlett's friends and family all the best at this time.

"My brother, Justin Dale Bartlett, passed away peacefully in his sleep early this morning. (1/9/2023)," said Bartlett's sister.

"He had a great day yesterday. He was visited by two long time friends. They shared so many laughs. The day before that, my husband was hanging out with him, helping him get some exercise. My parents spent the night taking care of him after Edge left. His angel of a girlfriend Lauren was with him for a week straight before that.

"Yesterday evening, and this morning was my time with him. I spent most of lastnight rubbing his back, his legs and head, and helping him feel comfortable. We talked about childhood memories. One of the last memories he shared with me was, 'Remember when you, me, and mom and dad took that little train the the Grand Canyon?' I’m so glad we exchanged 'I love yous' last night before I closed his door to let him get some rest.

"I want everyone to know that he literally fought this cancer until the end. Even last night he was telling me this new weakness in his legs and other health changes were just set backs and he’ll get through it soon.

"His last few years were a struggle for him, to say the least. But… He’s finally at peace."

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