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Ex-AC/DC Bassist Paul Matters Passes Away

"Every day I kick myself, mate."

AC/DC 1975: Malcolm Young/Phil Rudd/Paul Matters/Angus Young/Bon Scott. Photo: Rod Wescombe

Ex-AC/DC bassist Paul Matters has passed away, according to author Jesse Fink. Matters briefly joined AC/DC in 1975 after the recording of High Voltage and was fired within a few weeks. Matters quit music all together after being fired from AC/DC, and according to Ultimate Classic Rock only spoke about his time in the band in Fink's 2017 book Bon: The Last Highway.

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"I was just a bit lazy, I think," said Matters in the book. "The tour manager came in with a bundle of 20s and he gave $20 out to each of us… He was just going to walk about. And I said, ‘Listen, mate, if you’re not going to give me any money, I’ll go now.’ So he gave me $20."

Matters also added his departure from playing music was a direct result of being fired from the band, saying "Every day I kick myself, mate."

Matters was replaced by Mark Evans after his departure.

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