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This Is Just A Tribute

DIMEBAG's Longtime Girlfriend, Rita, Remembers PANTERA Guitarist on 15th Anniversary of His Death

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Rita and Dime via Rita's Instagram @dimebagzhag

It's crazy to thing that yesterday, December 8th, marked 15 years since Pantera/Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott was senselessly taken from us by a shooter at the Alrosa Villa club in Columbus, Ohio. The shooter, Nathan Gale, murdered a total of four people and wounded three others before being killed by a police officer on the scene.

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On Sunday, Dimebag's longtime girlfriend, Rita Haney, took to social media to share some thoughts on the tragic anniversary.

She wrote:

"Well here we are on D-Day.. 15 yrs… has it really been that much time.. I sure miss those eyes.. and you telling me to come get in my favorite place, then tap the space between your neck and shoulder.. and you knew it really was my favorite place being strapped up inside since yesterday has given me lots of time to remember so many different moments.. the only urge today I felt the need to check the time.. then realized.. this was about when I was backing out of the garage in the Rock Box and got the call from Vinnie [Paul, Dimebag's brother].. strange how things can still be so vivid after all this time.. I think about how I couldn't stay mad at you cause you would make me laugh.. and even now when I tear up.. you make something funny pop in my head.. so I suck it up and swallow hard.. which has been a little difficult today since I'm wrestling with this sore throat and cruddy chest thing.. not the best time to be stuck on the couch.. but Cat Dracula has been a pretty good nurse prescribing cuddles and kisses all day This is usually the kinda shit I write in my journals.. apologies for rattling on.. The point of this post is to Thank you.. Thank You everyone for loving him and remembering him.. also thank you for all the kind thoughts and words today that I have received on all social platforms, by text, VM, etc. you guys remind me why you live your best life!!! I still have the best life.. Thank you Darrell"

Dime's legacy lives to this day.

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