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CYNIC's Paul Masvidal Recalls Meeting Sean Reinert In Elementary School

"The Pepper Incident", as it was known.


Drummer Sean Reinert (Cynic, ex-Death) passed away in 2020 at the age of 49. His former Cynic bandmate Paul Masvidal celebrated what would've been Reinert's 50th birthday on May 27, 2021, with the really touching story of how the two met in elementary school.

Thanks for all the phenomenal drumming over the years, and Happy Birthday Sean.

"Sean Reinert and I were introduced by our mutual friend, Ron Rivchin in the cafeteria of our elementary school. 'Paul meet Sean. You guys are the only guitarist and drummer in school and should make music together.' Sean then picked up a pepper shaker from the table, shook some into his hand, and blew it in my face. I was a bit annoyed, but as he broke out into a playful laughter, something clicked. We recognized each other as old friends would.

"‘The pepper incident’ was an inside joke for us and would become a metaphor for our entire relationship. It was this fiery tension that drove us creatively and personally.

"Dear Sean, since you’ve left this Earth, memories of our interdependent life are feeling more and more like a dream. A dream that has no beginning, middle or end. A continuum that will carry on into the Cosmos for infinity. I can hear your playful, humorous spirit today. Is life really but a dream, as our childhood song tells us? Happy Birthday."

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