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This Is Just A Tribute

Late AC/DC Frontman Bon Scott's Hometown Will Install A Giant Bronze Statute In His Memory

Australia really loves it some AC/DC, naturally.

Australia really loves it some AC/DC, naturally.

AC/DC has a street named after it in Melborne and Leganés near Madrid. The band has sold millions upon millions of records, has a veritable army of fans, and has written riffs for the ages. Now it's time to commemorate its original singer Bon Scott!

According to the BBC, a statue of Bon Scott will be erected in his home town of Kirriemuir, specifically in the Bellies Brae Car Park. The statue has been approved by the local council and will be shown to the world at Bonfest in April.

The 2.4m-high bronze statue, which will stand in Bellies Brae car park, is due to be unveiled at the annual Bonfest event in April.

AC/DC backed the fundraising campaign to commemorate the singer who died in 1980, aged 33.

The council has received over 80 letters of support for the new statue.

There's a Bonfest too?! Is Australia just some huge part full of drunks avoiding fire tornados and spiders the size of puppies?

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