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10 Great Clips Remembering CHILDREN OF BODOM's Alexi Laiho

Alexi Laiho

We can't be the only ones who spent the whole day listening to Children of Bodom after the sad news of the passing of frontman Alexi Laiho at the age of 41. Tributes have been coming in from all over the rock world. I, personally, fell down a rabbit hole of Alexi videos, including some great clips from our Metal Injection archives.

Here are the 10 best Alexi clips on the internet right now…

Alexi Covers Vivaldi's Four Seasons, And Doesn't Break A Sweat

It's hard to overstate what a great guitarist Alexi was, and nothing seals the deal like this video where he plays the Vivaldi classic theme with ease.

Alexi rips through "Are You Dead Yet?"

Alexi's playthrough videos were legendary, before playthrough videos were ever really much of a thing. You can see more of his playthroughs here.

Alexi Leads 100 Guitars From Hel, Setting A New Record

Alexi Laiho is a metal icon and a record setter, literally. Laiho was joined by 100 other guitarists at the Helsinki festival in 2015 for a special performance dubbed "100 Guitars From Hell" featuring guitarists from around the globe shredding their heads off at Senate Square in Helsinki. More info on the project can be found here

Alexi Teaching The Kids on Louder Education

Our music education show Louder Education ran for two seasons, and Alexi was gracious enough to take some time from his busy schedule to come to the studio, and talk to the kids about the music business and even shred a bit with them and the legendary Alex Skolnick of Testament

Alexi and Janne in 2009

It's wild looking back at this interview from 2009, where Alexi talks about how drinking helps him with his insomnia and how they initiated Randy Blythe into the COBHC.

Alexi Talks About No Longer Partying

Our final interview with Alexi was in 2015, when he and Janne discussed how their partying days were behind them.

Classic Children of Bodom Videos Partying in Helsinki

After seeing how much partying they do in this video, you can understand why in the above video they talked about slowing down the party. This video is legendary.

Alexi Laiho Shredding His Favorite Arpeggios

Look, if you're a fan of Alexi's, you probably already saw this video, but doesn't mean it can't use a rewatch.

Children of Bodom live

Let's end this tribute with some great live clips of Bodom in their element. We'll miss you, Alexi.

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