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New Music

Recorded during the Folkesange album sessions.

Weekly Injection

This week's new heavy metal releases include dread-inducing cello, stuff you can actually dance to, and more! To the metals...

New Music

"I wrote this song about being given the biggest gift in life and then having it taken away from you."

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Music Videos

"I wanted to create a song with the feeling of an old folk-tale, but with words that resonated with my own life today."

Music Videos

Myrkur is back after three years with a brand new album and a new take on her sound. Myrkur will release Folkesange on March...

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Despite several considerable high points, Myrkur's sophomore record is a frustratingly inconsistent affair that fails to showcase its creator's considerable talents. Still, the potential...


o dismiss this record because of the specious, irrelevant claims of the do-nothings who have detracted it is utter foolery. M is a triumph...

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Live Footage

Originally by Marcin Przybyłowicz & Mikolai Stroinski.

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