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Plus releases from Myrkur, Cirith Ungol, Anglus Apathida, and Go Ahead and Die.


Hellfest made a glorious return this summer to the otherwise quaint village of Clisson in France. While a typical edition of the beloved fest...

New Music

A look into her new motherhood.

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Music Videos

Aside from that creepy thumbnail, it's great.

Music Videos

"I wanted to create a song with the feeling of an old folk-tale, but with words that resonated with my own life today."

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Despite several considerable high points, Myrkur's sophomore record is a frustratingly inconsistent affair that fails to showcase its creator's considerable talents. Still, the potential...


o dismiss this record because of the specious, irrelevant claims of the do-nothings who have detracted it is utter foolery. M is a triumph...

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Live Footage

Originally by Marcin PrzybyƂowicz & Mikolai Stroinski.

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