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Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Alestorm, Stormruler, Silver Lake, Perturbator, Burning Witches, Eminence, Noctule and Satanic Planet.

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Fingers crossed, Download Fest 2021 is scheduled to go down June 4-6, 2021 in Donnington, UK. The festival announced the majority of their lineup...

Weekly Injection

This week's new heavy metal releases include some yo-ho's, a Cure cover, lots of heaviness, and more! To the metals...

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Music Videos

Captain Yarrface is a real bastard.

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“We’re only here to have fun, get drunk, and make loads of money!” So says the chorus of “Treasure Chest Party Quest”, the first...


Given that Alestorm is very much known for these traits and does very little in ways of change, you would think that they would...


In most movies, Manhattan is made out to be a high-fashion metropolis with everyone in black pant suits on 5th Ave and super chic...

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Live Footage

A pirate metal song about drinking? Whoa!

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