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The DEAD ZONE's best of 2007 has begun: THE END – Elementary

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A week late and a show short, but I come forth with a list of 2007's best albums. That is, in my humble opinion. I wish to have put them in an audio format; however things prevented it and without a voice there is no Dead Zone. So, I have to do it differently this year. So, lets have it. In no particular order because thats how I roll. Here is the beginning of THE DEAD ZONE's top releases of 2007:

the end elementary
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Its hard to find most accurate the words when you are so intimidated with a bands work of art. For me, its especially intimidating because "Elementary" has to be one of the most musically diverse, lyrically in-depth emotional rollercoaster rides released in 2007. Not to mention the fact, "Elementary" was released on RELAPSE RECORDS; a label known for its especially brutal music. THE END has perfected organized chaos with an arsenal of melody. There is not one track on this album that has been skipped. As a matter of fact, it was one of the most listened to albums I have. Tracks such as "Dangerous", "Awake?", "Animal", and "In Distress" have an edger sound. These tracks were made for you tuff guys, but don't be mislead there are no breakdowns on this release; something which has become a saturated trend throughout all of metal.

Another trend THE END broke in "Elementary" is the redundant sound most bands are regurgitating. Unlike a wall of white noise, even though their last releases "Within Dividia" and "Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point: False Omniscient" were noise and chaotic; they still differed from the rest, THE END adopted melody and crisp vocals. Songs such as "The Never Aftermath", "Throwing Stones", and "My Abyss" are almost as beautiful as they are angry. Vocalist Aaron Wolff brings forth the most impressive vocals this year. His symbolic and visual lyrics are matched perfectly with the melody of the emotional instruments he is singing along to. There are ranges of complete bliss to gut wrenching screams. A perfected art only THE END could create and it leaves you wanting to hear more songs like it.

If the chaos and melody wasn't enough, THE END dove head first into atmospheric instrumentals and acoustic masterpieces with songs such as "The Moth And I", "A Fell Wind", and "And Always…" the band dives deep into your heart and emotions. These tracks are the ones I listened to the most. In many reviews, I saw comparisons to TOOL and THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and even ISIS. Where as some people would find those respectable comparisons, I find it slightly insulting because they wrote as their own, THE END. There is no band in which has the same sound or the same ability. THE END stands on their own like no other. I highly recommend those of you with an open mind to dive into this release. THE END has created a masterpiece and I can't wait to hear more from them in this form, hopefully its not the end.

The End on Myspace

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Pick up their CD on iTunes or here.

I will be posting more through out this weekend and week. So stay tuned.

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