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>FINNTROLL will be releasing their new album on March 28th and will be titled "Ur Jordens Djup". Sometimes I wish I was fluent in other languages so I could understand what the fuck that means as well as just being able to pronounce the words. Anyways, here is how the track listing will appear on the album:

01. Gryning
02. Sång
03. Korpens Saga
04. Nedgång
05. Ur Djupet
06. Slagbröder
07. En Mäktig Här
08. Ormhäxan
09. Maktens Spira
10. Under Två Runor
11. Kvällning

>Vocalist Trevor Strnad recently spoke with about THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER's upcoming third release which is due by this fall. Here is what he had to say about it:

I think this third one's going to be a beast.

Writing and looking for a drummer simultaneously has been a pain in the ass. We're trying to keep things on schedule. We have the album written, largely. We just need to get the drummer in and work everything out with him.

To read more about the focus of the album and how they may be working with THE FACELESS drummer Nick Pierce, head to If you want to see some sick videos of Nick Pierce, check out his YouTube collection here.l e6218468c5c09209cf535664fe5d98f2 1

>VINNIE PAUL (drums), CHAD GRAY (vocals), GREG TRIBBETT (guitars), TOM MAXWELL (guitars), and JERRY MONTANO (bass) = a perfect metal supergroup? HELLYEAH?!
I dunno, its awesome that VINNIE is back in the game and all but from what I have heard from these two songs, they named their band with the wrong curse word and adverb. Figure out that combination of wording after you listen to their demos here.

>Noisegrindymathymetalcore masterminds ION DISSONANCE will be head to PLANET Z STUDIOS on February 1st to begin laying down tracks for their upcoming summer release through ABACUS RECORDS. It will be the bands first release without former vocalist GAB. He left the band in the summer of 2006 for other endeavours. KEVIN McCAUGHEY (ex-SHAOLIN) stepped up and replaced the vacant vocalist position. For those of you who didn't know, Kevin actually filled in for STEVE MARIOS (vocals) of DESPISED ICON last year when Steve fell ill. I for one am interested in hearing the next level Kevin will take ION D to.

>IMMOLATION have finished up their three song EP "Hope and Horror" here is the track listing:

01. Den of Thieves
02. The Condemned
03. The Struggle of Hope and Horror (instrumental)

The EP will include a DVD of the bands performance last year at B.B. King Club & Grill in New York City. But wait there is more!

IMMOLATION will also be releasing a full length through CENTURY MEDIA in April entitled "Shadows In Light". Here is how the tracks will appear on that one as well:

01. Hate's Plague
02. Passion Kill
03. World Agony
04. Tarnished
05. The Weight of Devotion
06. Breathing the Dark
07. Deliverer of Evil
08. Shadows in the Light
09. Lying with Demons
10. Whispering Death

>VITAL REMAINS have completed their work on their upcoming release which was recorded in ERIK RUTAN's (HATE ETERNAL, ex-MORBID ANGEL) MANA STUDIOS. Guitarist TONY LAZARO has this to say about the completion on the bands officail Myspace blog:

We've just returned home from Mana Recording in Florida where we spent the whole month of December/January working on the new album. Yes, it's done and what can we say other than holy shit! We cannot wait for the fans to hear this new album!! I really think all of our fans are going to shit themselves when they hear this.

To those few who thought we couldn't top 'Dechristianize', you're in for a real surprise because we did! We thought 'Dechristianize' was a tough album to do. Oh, man! This album, hands down, sets the bar. We spent 12-13 hours a day straight with no days off. The drums took some 10 days alone to track all nine songs. Glen's vocals sound sick and his performance and attack was awesome! Dave's leads and harmonies are some of his best work to date. Total shredding as well as a great drum performance done by Dave. He really worked hard to get his best drum tracks down.

The overall sound of the new album is just HUGE! We are very proud of the results of all this hard work and we think our fans will soon agree as well. A BIG THANKS to Erik Rutan who really worked us to near death, ha! Much respect to you and Shaun Otani for really working hard and pushing us to the point of insanity to bring out our best performances, to which we think you did without a doubt! This is without question our 'Reign in Blood' album. Soon the underground worldwide will get to hear this unholy brutality! Hammer down the nails!!

w00t! I'm fucking stoked about this one ladies and gents! I have personally seen Mr. Rutan working with my very own eyes. He is a master at his art and knows Death Metal like no other. I am prepared for a total ass ripping from the new VITAL REMAINS.

See even Mr. Benton is excited.
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