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How To Vape Responsibly At Concerts And Festivals

Photo by E-Liquids UK on Unsplash

It’s nearly concert and festival season! With the sun shining and COVID-19 no longer cancelling plans, many people are now preparing to brave the crowds and make up for lost time.

If you’re planning to vape at an upcoming concert or festival, it helps to know the rules that surround certain venues and locations. For venues that do allow e-cigarettes, adhering to vaping etiquette is essential. In this guide, we’ll be sharing all of the tips, tricks and extra info you need to know about vaping at concerts and festivals to help you have the best possible experience. 

What is the general consensus for vaping at events?

While e-cigarettes are evidenced to be 95% less harmful than cigarettes, not all public spaces allow vaping, so make sure to double-check that the event you’re going to does beforehand.

However, most if not all events will have a designated smoking and vaping area which is usually separate from the venue. Some venues may request that you make your way towards this area or they may ask you to step outside the venue entirely. 

As a rule of thumb, avoid vaping in queues and enclosed spaces where your vapour can blow directly into other people’s faces. More on this below!

Vaping etiquette at concerts and festivals

As vaping has become more socially accepted within recent years, travelling abroad with e-cigarettes and to events has become a lot easier. By practicing vaping social etiquette, you’re helping to continue this support that the vaping community needs! Here’s our top tips on how to enjoy vaping at music events while respecting those around you. 

Be wary of where you’re exhaling vapour

When you’re vaping around others, it’s important to remain spatially aware and be mindful that not everyone will appreciate vapour being blown into their face. You may also want to pay attention to the weather – if it’s a particularly windy day, the people in front of you or behind you could be met with a face full of unwanted vapour. 

Before exhaling, take a moment to quickly check around you, and try blowing in the opposite direction of people if you can. That way, you can reduce the chances of annoying your fellow concert-goers. If all else fails, exhale upwards!

Choose your devices and flavours wisely

One of the major benefits of switching from smoking to vaping is the endless e-liquid flavour choice. From candy and dessert flavours to fruit, drinks, and more, the vaping industry has gone above and beyond when it comes to creativity. 

Equally, vape kits have become part of this vast customisability. There’s now thousands of models to choose from, all designed for different needs and experience levels. 

While not mandatory, we highly recommend bringing discreet e-liquids and vape devices such as pod kits and disposables. Since these types of devices are much more lightweight, you’ll be doing both yourself and others a favour! 

Vape intermittently

Unless you were previously a heavy smoker, most vapers do not need to use their device constantly. If you’re someone who vapers very frequently, you could try setting yourself various intervals in which you can vape for a period of time before putting it away. For example, you could vape heavily over the space of a couple of minutes and repeat this process every hour. 

Try stealth vaping techniques 

Stealth vaping is all about staying low-key. There’s nothing wrong with being a loud and proud vaper, but when you’re in a crowd, this won’t always go down well. Before attending your event, try practising some stealth vaping techniques. 

One discreet vaping method is to lower your vape’s battery power. Most if not all vape kits now allow you to easily adjust your device’s battery power, which in turn will scale down your vapour. This won’t necessarily affect the intensity of your flavours, but rather the amount of clouds that you produce.

Another well-known stealth vaping trick is to inhale and hold before exhaling. The longer you hold, the less visible the vapour will be when you exhale. Many vapers also choose to exhale through their nose while around large crowds of people.

Depending on where you are, you can always try to exhale into your clothing or into a tissue. This may feel slightly odd to begin with, but it’s a trick that most vapers master quickly. 

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