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Sick Art

Black Metal School Desk Drawings Now Considered Art

Remember all the shitty things you used to draw on your desk at school? We've all done it, and there always used to be that one kid that was really good at it. You were jealous of him too. Now we've got Artist Humberto Casas Junca taking his love of black metal and artistic representations of violent events in Columbia to a whole new creative level and making desk drawings flat out amazing once more.

Junca is "that kid."

Alright, check this out:


Humberto-Junca-Casas_04 Humberto-Junca-Casas_03Humberto-Junca-Casas_10 Humberto-Junca-Casas_12 Humberto-Junca-Casas_14 Humberto-Junca-Casas_16 Humberto-Junca-Casas_18 Humberto-Junca-Casas_20 Humberto-Junca-Casas_22 Humberto-Junca-Casas-Black-Metal-DeskWow. I love both aspects of Junca's art seeing as he's taken a violent genre of music and associated it with atrocities against humanities, but it just puts me over the edge about the medium he's chosen. Everything about this is astounding.

[ Metal Band Art via Juxtapoz]


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